My interest in Stav grew out of my interest in Norse mythology and the Runes. In searching the web for rune-related sites in the early 2000s, I ran across several mentions of Stav, a martial art originating with the Hafskjold family of Norway. I read up on it and practiced the stances as best I could on my own until, in 2005, the opportunity arose to begin training with Graham Butcher. From 2006-2013, I hosted most f the mid-Atlantic Stav trainings in Annapolis, MD.

Since there is already a fair amount of information about Stav on the Web, there is no reason for me to rewrite it here. Follow these links to learn much more about the origins and practice of Stav!

Stav International: background information on Stav
Stav Heimbu: Ivar Hafskjold’s site
Ice & Fire UK: Graham’s Stav school in Somerset, England
Ice and Fire USA: Graham’s school here in the US
The Stances: YouTube video of Graham doing the basic stances of Stav
GDButcher: Graham’s YouTube feed